LAFW Photographer Access

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LAFW Photographer Access March 18th 2023.

*Please note by purchasing this ticket you agree to the following terms:
  • All content must be provided and we have rights for commercial use.
  • Must keep voice down in the dressing room while I'm working. This is not a social club.
  • Maintain professionalism. No photography of the process unless told so.
  • Can not leave with any of the models for any reason.
  • Can not bring anyone in.
  • Absolutely no drinking or smoking.
  • If we receive one complaint for any reason you are out.

Application Info

This tape is a perfect medium to work with for photographers, make-up artists and other creative individuals that want to bring their ideas to life working with the human form or 2-D objects. Typically we use about 2 rolls of tape to achieve a full “bodysuit” design that you see in our modeling photos. However the amount of tape will vary depending on what your design requires. 

Some of the common questions we get regarding our tape is if it is suitable for swimming. Although this tape is waterproof it may come off in water or excessive sweat if any moisture gets underneath after application. Although our tape is safe for the skin we recommend not being in direct sun exposure for an extended period of time as there is a possibility you might receive some interesting tan lines!