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    In 2008 I was an rookie photographer and I was working with a model that had suggested I tape her for the last look, I truly had no idea why she would want this but I tried to make her happy and attempted to use tape as wardrobe. So I basically  wrapped her in black electrical tape. Mind you she looked like 2 Christmas hams wrapped in rubber bands when I was done, I’d never show you these images! BUT It sparked an idea in my head, the following weeks I asked a few waitresses that were models from Hooters Doral to let me practice on them and the designs started to evolve. The designs were primitive but they were on to something. They way they would compliment the figure was unlike any wardrobe or fashion out there. 

    By 2012 I was selling my services to the local night clubs in Miami, from Level formerly Mansion, Metropolis and Space. I worked at every night club that existed at the time. This is when the actual business began. The venues would post pics of my work causing other venues to call for rates. This is during the myspace era. Next thing you know Im in Ibiza, France, Norway and Canada. Once INSTAGRAM came out giving me the platform to showcase my work I began to thrive. 100s of DMs daily, countries all over the world inquiring to book me and music festivals inviting me out. 

    The project started with only the black electrical tape, hence the name but through out the years experimenting with designs and technique i was also able to experiment with other forms of adhesive. So I started working with reflective tape in 2014 but never released the concept just yet because I felt the world would still be impressed with the original black electrical tape. 3 years later at a charity event in Haiti I was able to work with a former Miss Puerto Rico with the gold tape. I took a 15 sec video of her in the gold tape with my phone and posted in my FACEBOOK. In 3 days it had over 7 million views over 50k shares world wide. My emails, DM's and phone line went bonkers. Radio and tv interviews. Articles and features in national news outlets and magazines. I was so shocked and asked my self, all because some tape art? from there on I have been to improve my life, meet remarkable people and travel the world while exhibiting my art. Its safe to safe that Black Tape saved my life!!