Black Body Tape

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The wait is over. Many of you have asked and now we are happy to announce our new black body tape is now available! The same vinyl tape that's been used by Joel for years now has been developed for commercial use exclusively for The Black Project. Combine the black tape with our metallic body tape to enhance your designs and give structured lines to your presentations. The creative possibilities are endless!

Design Tip: This tape can also be the foundation for the crotch area. Simply create your bikini bottom design using multiple strips of tape. Then our metallic tape can be applied on top of or left black as the base of your design.

  • Each roll of black tape is 3/4" wide and 36 yards per roll.
  • For skin sensitivity, please test a small piece before applying your design.
  • Avoid if allergic to adhesives.
  • Non toxic
  • Please note if worn on the skin, some residue may remain. It can easily be removed using baby oil.

Application Info

This tape is a perfect medium to work with for photographers, make-up artists and other creative individuals that want to bring their ideas to life working with the human form or 2-D objects. Typically we use about 2 rolls of tape to achieve a full “bodysuit” design that you see in our modeling photos. However the amount of tape will vary depending on what your design requires. 

Some of the common questions we get regarding our tape is if it is suitable for swimming. Although this tape is waterproof it may come off in water or excessive sweat if any moisture gets underneath after application. Although our tape is safe for the skin we recommend not being in direct sun exposure for an extended period of time as there is a possibility you might receive some interesting tan lines!